Vision & Mission

Our members and directors serve as volunteers who are passionate and determined to complete our fundraising projects efficiently and on time. Happy Kidz Canada provides assistance to children worldwide under four main groups:

1. To relieve poverty in developing nations by providing basic necessities of life. We scout and select underfunded orphanages to prove them much-needed items like food, beds, chairs, tables, kitchen appliances, clothing and whatever else they may be in need of.

    2. To improve the children’s day to day quality of life by providing those with disabilities the assistive medical devices needed. These include wheelchairs and scooters, crutches, glasses, hearing aids, and orthotic devices.

    3. To promote health by providing funding for medical treatments for the children who are diagnosed with life-threatening conditions

    4. To advance education by providing publicly available scholarships and other forms of financial assistance to children of low-income households, to be used for elementary, secondary, or post-secondary education. Eligibility is need-based and will cover tuition, books, and supplies.

Once the funds are raised, we proceed to execute the needed work directly without giving money to a third party or another organization. For example, if we were raising funds for construction items for an orphanage then we hire and pay the tradesman directly without giving the money to the orphanage. Another example is if a child needs medical assistance then we will pay the hospital directly without giving his guardians the money to do so. We strive to be a transparent organization and value every dollar that is donated. In this way, by our methods of procedure, we ensure that every dollar of your donation is being used directly to fulfill all the needs that it was directed towards.

At the completion of every project, Happy Kidz prepares a presentation that includes testimonies, before and after pictures, and documentation of all the work that was completed to show you the breakdown of how your donations made a drastic positive change on the children’s lives.