Our Team

Fares Moje
Fares graduated in 2002 from University of Toronto with a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering. After graduation, he worked with few Toronto based development/engineering firms until he left to join his father & siblings. Together, they established two successful manufacturing facilities, a real estate investment company & a residential hi-rise development business. He is also a registered professional member of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA). Helping under-privileged children was on Fares’ mind since childhood. It all started at an elementary school trip to an orphanage in Amman, Jordan. Seeing the kids, learning of their struggles and how they got there was an eye opener, and from that moment he knew that helping kids will be a priority in his life. In 2019, Fares and 9 other like-minded people established Happy Kidz Canada with a vision & mission to bring life-changing care to children in need around the world. Children are the future of this world and putting them on the right track at a young age would positively influence their life and their future generations’ prospects, the impact is massive. Every child deserves to be safe, well cared for & happy.
Ryan Faza
Vice President
Michael F.
Vice President - International Operations
Khaled Moje
Hassan Karkour
Public Relations Director
Kristine Faza
Nicole Faza
Mary Moje
Suzanne Dikranjian
Fundraising Director
Fadwa Qourah
Mouna Eid