Jamaica Children’s Home Donation 2019

In May 2019, Happy Kidz Canada embarked on a meaningful journey to uplift the Sunshine Child Care Home in Jamaica, a sanctuary for orphaned and at-risk children, inspired by the heartfelt accounts shared by one of our dedicated missionaries following their visit to the home. In an effort to support their educational endeavors and address various needs, Happy Kidz Canada provided:

  • 20 school backpacks, meticulously filled with all essential school supplies
  • 5 iPads to enhance the learning experience of home-schooled children
  • Additional school supplies to ensure every child is equipped for success
  • Engaging educational games and puzzles to stimulate young minds
  • Colorful classroom learning posters to foster a vibrant learning environment
  • 24 under-bed storage bags for practical organization solutions
  • Soccer balls and socks to encourage physical activity and teamwork within the community.

Through these efforts, we hope to brighten the lives of these resilient youngsters and empower them to pursue their dreams with confidence and enthusiasm. We express our deepest appreciation to all who help support these precious children.



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