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Research has shown that if a child starts his/her day with a good breakfast, he/ she has the ability to better learn, be social and participate in activities.

Happy Kidz Canada has decided to support one of our local Public schools ( Floradale PS. )

The school serves around 70 kids each morning walking into the breakfast club looking for something to eat. With cuts in funding, the school has been struggling to meet the need of their community.

On December 5th, Happy Kidz Canada presented the school principal with a 3000$ cheque to ensure they have enough funds to meet there breakfast club needs.
"As a result of the generous donation by Happy Kids Canada, I watched our students eat a healthy breakfast that included fresh fruit, bagels, cereal, milk etc. Thank you so much. It will make a huge difference in their day." - Teacher
"Thank you Happy Kidz Canada for a very generous donation that will fill a lot of hungry tummies! ❤️" -
"So amazing! Thank you for all that you do!" -
"Thank you Happy Kidz Canada for your generous donation to Floradale PS" -