Turkey and Syria Emergency Relief

The people of Turkey and Syria need our help!

Lend a helping hand to the people of Turkey and Syria. Your generous donations can provide hope and support to those affected by the devastating earthquake.

We’re working with teams on the ground and will be sending families food supplies.

For approximately $25 CAD, each package feed a family and includes:

Rice (1Kg.), Bulgur (1Kg.), Beans (1Kg.), Stuffed rice (1Kg.), Lentils (1Kg.), Sugar (500g.), Pasta (500g.), Barley noodles (500g.), Sunflower oil (1L), Table salt (170g), Tomato paste (830g), Jam (380g)

All goods are being purchased directly from suppliers in the region.

*The process will be documented, photographed & displayed on all our platforms for the donors to see.

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