The Kitchen

Kitchen appliances are in need of replacement. With the products being over 27 years old and dysfunctional, broken, rusty, and covered in mold,
this is something of high need.

The kitchen appliances are in a poor condition. They have a stove with six burners and oven that doesn’t work. Only 2 of the burners work the rest are missing parts and or not safe to operate. The stand alone oven only functions at a diminished capacity and definitely not safe to use.

The main fridge is from the early 70s. It is beyond repair and the custom repairs and fixes that has been applied over the years are noticeable. It doesn’t keep food cold enough in a safe temperature zone between 2-4 degrees Celsius.
Although they don’t have a deep fryer,  they could use one to be able to meet the growing demand.
Kitchen drawers that store utensils are in a bad shape and need to be repaired or replaced.

The kitchen doesn’t meet the basic requirements to prepare and handle food in a safe environment.

Update December 20, 2019

New appliances have been purchased, installed and ready to use for everyone at Dar El Awlad.

Before and after pictures can be seen below.