The Beds

The boys’ beds and mattresses are about 27 years old. Most are squeaky, rusty, broken and standing on their last legs. The mattresses are
stained and the springs poke the boys’ backs. The furniture in the rooms is as bad as everything else.

Update July 22, 2019

Thanks to our supporters, Happy Kidz Canada was able to order 34 beds & mattresses for Dar El Awlad Boy’s home 🎊

December 10, 2019

The installation of all bed and mattresses as well as the refurbishing of the closets and chests of drawers have been completed.

Update September 18, 2019

Thanks to our supporters we where able to complete this project.
Happy Kidz supplied and installed 34 custom wood Beds and mattresses
& replaced their old industrial appliances,
and the kids there are very excited!!

Thank you to everyone who helped make their wish a reality.