Completed Campaigns

Murad Al-Hourani

A big Thank you to all our donors for helping Murad as he was successfully admitted to Guttman for intensive physio and further tests. He later moved to Belgium and is on a long-term treatment program. His life will be changed forever.

Food Court Centre, Honduras

Total Raised: $26,504.80

Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief

465 Food Packages distributed

Give The Gift Of A Smile

Total Raised: $18,811.41

Give The Gift Of Hearing

Total Raised: $30,298.50

Redwood Shelter Christmas Project

Provided Christmas gifts to
50 mothers and 50 children.

Trinidad & Tobago Christmas Drive

"2020 & 2021 Food Drives"

Jamaica – Sunshine child care home

Provided school supplies, backpacks, iPads, clothing and soccer gear.

Dar El Awlad Home for Boys

Total Raised: $26,666.08

Elise Mercy Orphanage - Rwanda

Total Raised (2021): $2,805

Total Raised (2020): $5,936.95

Lebanon Emergency Relief

Total Raised: $3,428.00

The Mississauga Food Bank

Total Raised: $3,020.00