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At this time Happy Kids Canada
has decided to support two girls named Desiree and Rindella, to continue to help raise funds for dental work they desperately need. They are  having major problems with their teeth and jaw, often causing them many sleepless nights in pain.  This condition has brought much social and emotional trauma.

Recently, the girls were sent to a very reputable dentist in Lebanon where upon examination and x-rays, it was decided that they require extensive work. Treatment is required on almost every tooth in their mouth including, extractions, fillings and root canals. Post completion they will need braces as their jaw has been deviated due to hereditary issues.

The total cost for the treatment is $ 16000 CAD . The dentist has provided a discount and will cover any extra expenses that might arise during the process.

Here is what Desiree shares in her own words:

Hi, I’m 17 years old and my sister Rindella is 14 years old. We live in Beirut, Lebanon. Our mom and dad are divorced. We spend our time between mom and a Home for at Risk and disadvantaged children

Our parents sent me and my sister to that Home because they cannot afford to raise us or send us to school.

We need our teeth to be fixed as we are always in pain and when our mom takes us to the doctor, he tells her that this cost so much money so she cannot pay. My mom asked the Home to help her to fix our teeth but they said they cannot do that and that my mom has to do it. My mom cannot afford it as she does not have money.

I never wanted to smile because when I look at my teeth they looked black and full of cavities. When I look in the mirror they look ugly and crocked. That makes me feel embarrassed and sad especially when people looked at me, made faces and laughed. I felt like crying all the time. So I decided to stop smiling and people ask me why I am sad all the time.

It is much harder now because I am a teenager and can notice more how painful and ugly my teeth are. I am very conscious when I am around people or other teenagers because I do not look like them. I do not like it when my friends think I do not look beautiful because my Jaw look not straight.

 I wish that one day we can be pain free and that we can one day look into the mirror and smile without thinking how our teeth look or how people think about them. We want to be able to smile with confidence like most children too. "