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Happy Kidz Canada has taken the initiative to
support two girls named Desiree and Rindala in Lebanon to have dental work they
desperately needed. The girls were in a lot of pain as most of their teeth required much needed dental work and now are happy to see both girls get a beautiful smile. Happy Kidz extends their gratitude to all the generous donors who made this
happen.  Please read below this heart felt letter from both girls.

Dear Happy Kidz Canada,

 Thank you very much for sponsoring my sister and my dental work. Your
donation was a total blessing from God. This was a dream of ours and now it is
coming to be true. We have not been able to see a dentist for many years. Our
mouths has hurt so badly because of problems with our teeth. The dentist said
that if we did start the work on our teeth this year it would have been
impossible to fix the damage that is there. However, since we have been able to
see the dentist our mouths does not hurt. He had fixed many of our teeth so far
and we are make arrangements to fix the few remaining of our teeth. We are also
looking forward to have the full set of braces for both of us, which will be
done after the implants and crowns.

When we go to Beirut, to the dentist, we
feel so happy and excited because we know that there is a good thing that is
waiting for us there. During the summer vacation, we used to go with our dad to
the clinic. We had to take the public transportation, it took us the whole day
to go to the dentist and come back because we had to change different buses.
When the school started, we knew that we have to find a different way to go to
the dentist because we cannot miss the school. We had a discussion with Miss
Camilia about the transportation. She suggested we take a taxi and she will
personally pay him. This was a good decision because we only spend few hours.

When we arrive, we sit in the waiting
room for our appointment. During that time, we do our homework. Moreover, we
want to thank all the doctors and nurses they always encourage us and they
teach us how to brush our teeth and keep our mouth healthy.                                                                                  

In the past, when we
looked at the mirror and saw our teeth we used to tell ourself we do not want
, but now we stand in front of the
mirror, we smile with confidence and say our teeth are beautiful and clean each
other that your teeth are beautiful and clean.

Thanks for your help, we can enjoy life
and smile again. God bless you in every work you are doing.

                    Desiree and Rindala