Our Team

Fares Moje
Fares graduated in 2002 from University of Toronto with a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering. After graduation, he worked with few Toronto based development/engineering firms until he left to join his father & siblings. Together, they established two successful manufacturing facilities, a real estate investment company & a residential hi-rise development business. He is also a registered professional member of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA). Helping under-privileged children was on Fares’ mind since childhood. It all started at an elementary school trip to an orphanage in Amman, Jordan. Seeing the kids, learning of their struggles and how they got there was an eye opener, and from that moment he knew that helping kids will be a priority in his life. In 2019, Fares and 9 other like-minded people established Happy Kidz Canada with a vision & mission to bring life-changing care to children in need around the world. Children are the future of this world and putting them on the right track at a young age would positively influence their life and their future generations’ prospects, the impact is massive. Every child deserves to be safe, well cared for & happy.
Ryan Faza
Vice President
Michael F.
Vice President - International Operations
Mary Moje
Hassan Karkour
Public Relations Director
Hassan has been an active member of many community agencies and committees in Mississauga and Peel region for more than fifteen years. He has been a board member of the Peel Literacy Guild for seven years serving in a variety of roles and is also an advisory committee member of Peel Trans help which provides door to door transportation services for persons with disabilities.
Camilia Doro
It was many years ago when I first entered the doors of Cedar Home Orphanage known now as Cedar Home. In that same place I spent my childhood and adolescent years. Although I swore never to return, something within me started to feel different. I knew the impact that place had on my life and at one point I said: "Well, there is a possibility... one day! Maybe one day after I retire and have nothing else to do". I did not realize how soon that day will come. At the beginning of 2017, during a very challenging time in my life, I kept asking the Lord about the reason for all those challenges. One word was always the answer - MISSION. I struggled for a while with the Lord and where I felt He was leading me. To my amazement, the answer never changed and the reassurance of what He was asking of me was getting clearer. God was asking me to retire early, go back to Cedar Home and work with the girls for a while as a start for my mission. WOW! I was astonished! My life was turned upside down! Talk about when God wants your full attention, complete surrender and unconditional obedience. At that point I asked God to give me peace and courage to take a leap of faith. Sure enough, He showered me with what I needed; I stood one Sunday in awe of His work in my life and I surrendered all to Him! Here I was after more than 40 years, going to that same place to serve among the girls using the gifts that the Lord has given me. This time I willingly went. It was exciting to see what the Lord had in store for me. That was the beginning of my Journey. Now I have the heart to make a difference in many other orphanages , change one home at a time and add a smile on children's faces. In his service.
Nicole Faza
Currently attending the University of Guelph as a third year Marketing student, I obtain a great passion for business. With my love of travel and learning of new cultures I hope to pursue a career in international marketing in order to combine both my passion of business and love of travel in one. Ever since I could remember however, I knew that I had a duty to not only focus on my career but to help those in need. Being apart of many charity societies in high school, as well as being a current member of the Me to We charity society at my university, I have always ensured to give back. Now being a member of Happy Kidz Canada, I feel honoured to be considered a founding member and a part of the organizations startup in which I know will prosper to change the lives of many. Being an older sister of five directed me closer towards children, which is why I love Happy Kidz’ mission and vision of focusing on youth. I believe that the kids of the world are our future and so it is vital to ensure that I stand by them in order to allow them to prosper with the best living, healthcare, and education possible in order for them to live their lives to its utmost potential. With my position at Happy Kidz Canada I know that little by little and day by day I can make a difference to at least one child, which can one day make a difference to a million.
Kristine Faza
For the past seven years I have continuously been working closely with children as a child care provider. Working with children has always been a significant part of my life. The children I care for are very privileged, seeing their basic needs being met and cared for only heightened my awareness and concern for all the other millions of children worldwide who wish to have the same privileges. My understanding of children and need for change has brought me to Happy Kidz where my compassion and ability to make a difference came into play. My dedication to this organization and to fulfilling every child’s needs and wants is in hopes that with each orphanage we help, each child knows they are loved, cared for and fulfilled. I am a firm believer that we must give the utmost care and attention to our children today because they are the future, and the preparation for a bright future starts with today.
Khaled Moje
Suzanne Dikranjian
Fundraising Director