Campaign – Dar El Awlad Orphanage Funding

In February 2019, Happy Kidz took the initiative to support Dar El Awlad Orphanage. A home for orphaned and at-risk boys in Lebanon with a significant number being Syrian, Iraqi, and Sudanese refugees.

We flew our missionary member, Ms. Camilia Doro (a retired Ontario teacher who grew up in an orphanage), to visit the Orphanage and assess their situation.

The boys seem to be loved and well cared for, but still, much in need of support. After roaming the premises, listening to the kids, and speaking with onsite caretakers we concluded there are 3 areas in need of replacement/building:

  1. Beds: The boys’ beds and mattresses are about 27 years old. Most are squeaky, rusty, broken and standing on their last legs. The mattresses are stained and the springs poke the boys’ backs. The furniture in the rooms is as bad as everything else.
  2. Kitchen: Kitchen appliances are in need of replacement. With the products being over 27 years old and dysfunctional, broken, rusty, and covered in mold, this is something of high need.

We have uploaded some photos of the boys/living spaces and the sponsorship options. We are asking our donors to generously give these children a healthy, safe and fun environment to live in.

Once we raise the needed funds, Happy Kidz will directly hire the tradesman and execute the work. You will be able to see the difference you made once everything is complete.

Exciting Update – July 22, 2019:

Thanks to our supporters, Happy Kidz Canada was able to order 34 beds & mattresses for Dar El Awlad Boy’s home 🎊